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Around Lake Akan, surrounded by rich nature, there are many places for your dog to enjoy.
Please experience the charm of this area with your dog.


Lake Akan is a beautiful crater lake surrounded by virgin forest and is known as a lake inhabited by moss balls. Lake Akan has a magnificent view of Mount Oakan on its eastern shore, and its four seasons have each beautiful expression.
The area is also home to many Ainu traditions and cultures.

  • Lake Akan
  • Lake Akan
  • Lake Akan

Lake Akan Walking Path

1Tsuruga Lake Akan Lodge Turano 
1-6-11, Akanko Onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi

2Bokke Nature Trail

3Lake Onneto

4Takimi Bridge

5Lake Taro and Lake Jiro

  • 2Bokke Nature Trail

    Bokke Nature Trail

    Bokke is a nature spot where you can easily get in touch with the nature of Lake Akan. In Bokke, hot mud and volcanic gases are spewed out from underground. You can also encounter wild birds and wild animals along the scenic route.

  • 3Lake Onneto

    Lake Onneto

    Lake Onneto is a small lake located at the foot of Mount Oakan. It is surrounded by virgin forest, and the lake's surface changes color, creating a mysterious atmosphere. In particular, the blue color is called "Onneto Blue," and the contrast between the lake and the autumn leaves is spectacular in autumn.

  • 4Takimi Bridge

    Takimi Bridge

    Mount Oakan and around Lake Akan is a must-see area. The trees of Mount Oakan seen from Bokke Pier and Takiguchi at the headwaters of the Akan River offer stunning views.

  • 5Lake Taro and Lake Jiro

    Lake Taro and Lake Jiro

    The two lakes southeast of Lake Akan are located on the path of climbing Mount Oakan. It takes a 15-minute walk to a small lake called "Lake Taro" and another 5-minute walk to "Lake Jiro." Surrounded by beautiful virgin forest, it is also known as a famous place for viewing autumn leaves.

When you go out with your dog, please follow the rules.


Enjoy the rich nature of
Lake Akan and Various activities.

  • Akan Sightseeing Cruiser

    Akan Sightseeing Cruiser

    You can enjoy a scenic cruise around Lake Akan with your dog. You can enjoy the scenery of Oshima, Kojima, and Takiguchi from the lake and land on Chuluwi Island, where the Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center is located.

  • Ashoroko Dog-Run

    Ashoroko Dog-Run

    About an hour's drive from our hotel, Lake Ashoro roadside station has a vast dock run attached. You can use the 1.6-hectare grass-covered dog run for free.

  • Canoeing and Kayaking

    Canoeing and Kayaking

    Enjoy touring along the shores of Lake Akan with its virgin forests. We introduce canoe tours that help you experience the excitement of canoeing and kayaking.

  • Fishing


    Catch the golden trout, the Sakhalin taimen, Lake Akan's native damselfish, and rainbow trout. Experience the excitement of encountering trout. We also offer guided tours to various fields in the surrounding area.

When you go out with your dog, please follow the rules.

Tsuruga Adventure Base

Tsuruga Adventure Base "SIRI"

The activity counter on the first floor of "Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings" near the hotel introduces a variety of activity plans to enjoy the great nature of Akan. Please stop by.

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Tsuruga Adventure Base